Astral Projection Technique – Theta Isochronic Tones

Astral projection at times doesn’t seem very consistent, sometimes I get out every night other times I go longer periods without one, probably due to my own physical/mental condition after all we all have busy lives and these lives can be stressful. However if I haven’t had an out-of-body experience for a while it comes to the point when I have to have one.

My last OBE was around 29th December, today is 4th January, it seemed longer than a week and I felt I really needed to get out. I had been trying every night but nothing was working. I decided to try a different technique one which I have had some success with in the past. Listening to isochronic tones while sleeping.

In the evening I set up the stereo near the bed and put in my isochronic tones (in theta) so all I would have to do is press a button when I woke up, I also set my alarm clock for around 4.30am. I woke up before 4.30 and so decided to give it a go, then if it didn’t work I could have another go later on.

I pressed play and snuggled down to sleep. Not long after I was out-of-body by the end of the bed, I could hear the isochronic tones in the background I was happy that it had worked. Really I just needed to feel myself out-of-body, free from the confines of my physical body, part of the joy of astral projection for me is to simply be in the out-of-body state experiencing the freedom, and sometimes relief, from the density of physical life.

I didn’t really do anything, or go anywhere, I just hung around enjoying my state of being, at times it got a bit fuzzy and I seemed to be aware of a dream I was having as if another part of me were dreaming.

It was a short OBE but wonderful just the same helping me to keep my physical being in balance.


Astral Projection Technique – Staying Awake While Falling Asleep

Astral projection in theory is not difficult in itself, as easy as staying awake when falling asleep, sounds simple doesn’t it? However it can take practise. Just lay in bed and keep your mind awake while you fall asleep. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve tried this technique but have been too tired to hang on to my mind, sometimes I manage it sometimes I don’t. After all sinking down into sleep is such a pleasant sensation when it’s cold outside and the bed is just so warm and cosy.

I had my first conscious out-of-body experience using this method, but I was actually tring to lucid dream I wasn’t practising astral projection. I didn’t feel I was ready to leave my body at that time but obviously someone thought differently, I remember how wonderful it felt to slowly sink down and let my body fall asleep while I was quietly observing in the background, then as my body fell asleep I felt all tingly with energy and before I knew it I was floating above my body.

So how did I do it, how did I manage to keep my mind awake while my body fell asleep?

The first thing to do is make sure you are not too tired, so make sure ou have a few hours sleep before trying, practicing this technique as soon as you go to bed is not a good idea as your mind may not want to play until it has zoned out for a few hours. When it begins to surface again is an excellent time to try for an OBE, your body is still tired but your mind is ready for a bit of action. A good thing to do is just get up briefly to tune your mind in, don’t do too much or your body will wake up too much, just go to the loo or walk around the room. When you try to astral project don’t lie in a position that is too comfortable or you may just drop off due to habit.

I will now describe what I did that first time I went from mind awake/body awake to mind awake/body asleep. I started to imagine myself in a lift going down and down, always further down, I tried to feel as if I was going down not just visualise it. I reproduced the sensation in my body, forever further down. The trick is to keep your mind awake but without concentrating too hard, the mind should be like a quiet observer in the background, concentrating too hard will keep you awake, yet you do have to remain gently focused or your mind will wander off into thoughts, wonderings and eventually into sleep.

As you sink down it is essential to keep a check on your emotions any strong emotional reactions, positive or negative will pull you out of your relaxed, focused state, so whatever happens stay cool, calm and collected during the whole process. You may see weird stuff, colours, shapes, you may hear noises, voices etc, just accept it all as normal and remain quietly present through it all. Things may even seem to get ‘physical’ in that you may feel sensations that you are not used to, it may feel as if your heart is pumping its way to a heart attack but this is your heart chakra (energy centre) not your physical heart. You may or may not feel varying degrees of vibrations, these can vary from very strong vibrations to a slight tingling sensation again stay calm, if you panic or react strongly you will wake up.

Just go with it all, you can scream and shout when you wake up but while it’s all happening remain calm. Once you feel you are in the mind awake/body asleep state focus your attention on the window or any point away from your physical body, try to feel yourself floating above your physical body and over to the window. Keep the experience short for the first few OBEs then you will have more chance of remembering the whole thing when you re-enter.

If you don’t succeed the first time, keep trying, each time you wake up during the night try again, don’t get disheartened, it took me a lot of practice before I had any success. Whatever you do, don’t give up.

It’s as easy as ‘Now I’m Out-of-Body’…. (kind of)

After a lovely summer doing mostly physical stuff I’ve entered September with a renewed enthusiasm for all things astral, so it was time to get my astral adventures back on track. Since Wednesday I’ve had 3 OBEs after a period of not really focusing on them. How did I manage it well, really it was as simple as repeating ‘Now I’m out-of-body’ over and over before going back to sleep in the small hours of the morning after a few hours sleep.

Can it really be that simple? Well it is once you’ve done the hard work. I had my first OBE around the year 2000 and determined to have more I threw myself into programming myself to keep it all up. At first I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to do it again but with desire, determination, consistency and commitment they kept coming. I used to count how many I had, now I just don’t bother as I know it is all a part of my life.

Repeating ‘Now I’m out-of-body’ over and over before going to sleep doesn’t always work but it works I would say about 80/90% of the time for me. It works because over the years I have programmed myself to react to this command.

If you want to experience astral projection or you want to increase the number of times you manage it you have to put in the groundwork, at least this is true for most people, it was certainly true for me.

By groundwork I mean writing down your dreams, training your mind to remember what you do at night, training yourself to be more conscious, practising your favourite astral projection technique regularly. Even if I didn’t have an OBE there was always some dream to get into, to try and understand. I tried not to feel disappointed if I didn’t have an astral adventure but always tried to glean something from whatever had happened during the night, sensations, dreams or intuitions. Each time I woke up during the night I got excited at the prospect of having another opportunity to try to OBE. Whenever I woke up I would try.

I haven’t had conscious OBEs since I was a child, I taught myself, though I wasn’t even trying to teach myself. My goal was to go deeper into who I am through dreams and lucid dreams, that desire to discover who I am led me to my first out-of-body experience and then…… well the world suddenly became very different for me.

Happy travels!


Astral Projection and Affirmations

I often use affirmations in my astral projection practice. However, it’s not enough just to say them, there are certain techniques that should be implemented.

Affirmations are used in many areas and the actual techniques are the same regardless of subject matter.

Affirmations in Astral Projection

Here is a free ebook that you can download and read to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Astral Projection affirmations. Click on the red link below, the pdf will open and you can save it to your computer.




Below is a podcast episode about:

Affirmations in Out-of-Body Experiences

Out-of-Body Experiences/Astral Projection and Mindfulness

This morning I didn’t have my usual Sunday morning OBE, I did wake up early and could have tried for one but I simply forgot and went back to sleep.  When I finally woke up I was a bit annoyed with myself. The problem was that I had not been focused in the desire to leave my body but had let my mind wander into other things.

So this morning I have been re-reading and listening to a few things I have on Mindfulness. Mindfulness is basically being in the moment and not letting the mind wander away into thinking about something else. Practising mindfulness during the day can help us to achieve successful out-of-body experiences because it helps us to develop our concentration. If we practise focusing on the present moment eventually this will be reflected in our dreams and we will wake up in the dream, we will become lucid. Lucid dreaming is but a step away from an out-of-body experience.

A popular lucid dreaming technique is looking at your hands often during the day and asking yourself ‘Am I dreaming?’ This is, in effect, focusing in that present moment, it is tuning in your mind to the thing you are doing, i.e. looking at your hands. When attempting astral projection being present in the mind is of utmost importance, if your mind wanders you could lose lucidity and become lost in the contents of your mind as your thoughts rise up before you. The astral is thought and feeling sensitive so what you have in your mind can appear before you.

Sometimes you may be lying in the mind awake/body asleep state not really clear if you are fully awake in the physical or not. The room appears the same, you may get up and go to the loo in your astral body thinking you are in your physical body. This has happened to me several times. If we are mindful also when out-of-body we will notice slight anomalies. Maybe a piece of furniture in the wrong place, a picture that isn’t there, even someone who is there who shouldn’t be. Thus if you are focused and mindful you will realise that you are in fact out-of-body.

So mindfulness is important for our lives in the physical and for our astral activities. Practising mindfulness during the day will be reflected in our night time astral activities, the quality and frequency of your conscious out-of-body experiences will improve.

I go into more detail about this in a technique I describe as the Dream Focus Technique, Click Here to be taken to the post page.

  Click Here for more info on this title from Learn Out Loud (Audio Books)

Here is a short video about the source of mindfulness, rather appropriate to my forgetting to try for an OBE this morning as Thich Nhat Hanh says that the opposite of mindfulness is forgetfulness.

The Dream Focus Technique


I am not a monk tucked away in some quiet corner of the world where no one will disturb me, I am not someone who meditates every day, though I probably should. I usually manage to go to bed early and listen to some binaural beats, sometimes I even make it through to the end without falling asleep.

I live in Italy, a pretty chaotic country for someone who was born and brought up in a quiet English village. My kids start school around 8.00am and finish around 1.00pm and that includes Saturdays. If I am going to do any communing with my self in the realms of the present moment it has to be within those times, in between all the other things I have to do. This doesn’t include, of course, the 3-month summer holidays, during which quietly communing with my self is possible only at night.

I sometimes wonder how I ever managed to teach myself how to leave my body, little kids just don’t relate to ‘just sit there quietly for 20 minutes while I go and do my OBE training.’ My kids are older now but the interruptions haven’t stopped. So lately I’ve been looking back at what I did, indeed what I continue to do, for astral projection is a work in progress. I continually work at it for there is always progress to be made and slacking off means fewer OBEs.

I want to be brief and to the point because busy people with jobs and families need a simple, straightforward technique which can be practiced anywhere and at anytime.

Basically it is a system which uses normal dreams as a springboard to expanding your consciousness.

1. We All Sleep

Often this is the only time I can practise any Astral Projection techniques. It is the only time really when I am completely relaxed and not usually interrupted. We all sleep so we can all use this time.
If you wake up several times during the night, each time is an opportunity to practise staying awake while you fall asleep. Your consciousness has to be gently present through the whole process, don’t concentrate too hard or your body will never fall asleep. However, this isn’t the technique I wanted to discuss. When I was teaching myself to OBE often exhaustion would set in and I would fall asleep. This problem led me to look at dreams.

2. Do You Remember Your Dreams?

This is fundamental. If you don’t remember your dreams the first thing you have to do is develop your dream recall. This OBE technique relies on something we all do every night whether you remember or not. Memory is important for dreams and out-of-body experiences alike.

So, to remember your dreams and develop your recall ability, it is essential to start writing down your dreams and any feelings or sensations you have during the night. This gives the message to your subconscious that you want to remember what you do at night. You may also use affirmations before you go to sleep and each time you wake up, for example, ‘I remember my dreams,’ over and over again. Take a little time each morning, just after you wake up, to sink back a little to that zone between waking and sleeping, let your dreams come floating back into your mind.
If you’re new to OBEs it may be a good idea to surround yourself with Light before you go to sleep. Many people recommend this to keep away unwanted entities. To tell the truth I don’t go through this process because it has become automatic. I am fairly confident when I’m out-of-body, I have had a quite a few scary moments and overcome them. After all the negative energy I’ve blasted with Light and Love most of the annoying entities probably run a mile when they see me coming!

3. Lost in Dreams/Lost in Life?

Our consciousness is often seems lost in dreams just as sometimes our consciousness seems lost in life. Too often we get swept along by the chaos. Are we really consciously present in our lives 100% of the time. I know I’m not. How many times during the day do we drift off to the past or to the future, we play past events through our minds and sometimes worry about the future. How much time do we actually spend focused in the present? It is great practice to stay focused when all around us seems in chaos. Many people have said that our point of power is the present and how right they are.

So if we are not present in our lives how can we be present when we sleep, how can we be conscious in our dreams when we are not always conscious in life?

4. Get Conscious in Life

Often we do things in an automated way because we are used to it, we have learnt how to do it so we don’t have to think about it anymore. So now we have to teach ourselves to be conscious, to wake up while the body sleeps, to wake up within the chaotic life of our dreams. We have to teach ourselves to be conscious within the chaos, the chaos of our physical life and our dream life. Training ourselves to be more aware in daily life will reflect in our dreams.

This is a short technique on paper, this does not mean it is ineffective, it just means it is simple but it is not for the lazy of mind. It takes conscious effort to stop the mind from wandering. Astral Projection is a skill that requires work, just like any other, but with this technique your astral projection practice can be integrated into your everyday life.

There is one basic thing you should do throughout the day as often as you can bring yourself back to it.

Be present in whatever you are doing, be present with your consciousness, concentrate and pay attention to exactly what you are doing in the present moment.

If you are driving, be present, notice the car in front of you, what colour is it, what make is it. Instead of thinking about what’s for lunch or dinner or one of the million other things we think about when driving, concentrate and pay attention to what you are doing and to who or what is around you.

If you are shopping, be present, look around you, take notice of things, the products, the people, be present in the present, concentrate and pay attention, really be in the moment.
If you are doing housework, be present, pay attention to what you are doing, you don’t have to literally count the bubbles in the detergent, but notice them, be more aware. Concentrate.
The list can go on and on, eating, getting dressed, washing, shaving… all the things we do automatically we are not usually present in, we are off thinking about something else.
Every so often choose an object and concentrate on it, look at it in detail, start with a minute or so, then increase the time. Our minds drift, so we drift away from the present moment. We don’t pay attention or concentrate. The key is concentration because in the end if we concentrate and pay attention in our lives this too will be reflected in our dreams. We need to go consciously into our lives so we can go consciously into our dreams.

Be conscious in your life, be present.

5. Get Conscious in your Dreams

With time you will start to become more aware, the more you remind yourself to concentrate in life the more it will be reflected in your dreams. You may well find yourself concentrating on something in a dream automatically, bingo, you’ve almost cracked it. It doesn’t matter what holds your attention, it could be someone’s voice, or an object, the important thing is not to get distracted. Don’t think about it, don’t wonder about it, just focus on it. The action is important, not the object, and it is the focusing, the concentrating that will get you from a dream to a state of expanded consciousness. This is not lucid dreaming, lucid dreaming is simply being awake or conscious in a dream, we are taking our attention away from the dream by focusing on one object, ignoring all the rest of the activity. We are dissolving the dream and expanding our consciousness.

Using this method I have found myself in the mind awake/body asleep state ready to astral project. I have found myself going through a tunnel, at the exit of the tunnel I have been in a state of pure consciousness, beyond form.

This method of concentration can also be used if you are in your astral body. Just close down your astral vision and concentrate, focus inwards, try to empty your mind or thoughts. It takes effort but the result is amazing.


1. Take advantage of sleep time.
2. Train your memory.
3. Make chaos your ally.
4. Get Conscious in Life
5. Get Conscious in Dreams

A Final Word

The Dream Focus Technique will not work overnight because it involves developing your consciousness in the present moment. Practising this technique will help you project in the astral and mental body. You will also become more consciously present in what is happening around you in physical life and less involved in the crazy emotional side of human life. Remaining objective is important in the Astral, controlling thoughts is essential in such a thought-sensitive reality. The key words are:

Be Present
Pay Attention

Be Conscious

Happy travels! Ali