Write it Down!

Getting into the habit of writing down anything that comes to you as soon as you wake up in the morning is an essential part of the OBE process, it is not all about trying to bring on the vibrations and getting ‘out there’, writing down what you experience as soon as possible will increase the possibility of remembering exactly what happened, what you saw, how you felt etc. It can also increase the occurence of OBEs as writing them down means you are focusing more on them.

It’s not always easy to get into the habit of writing as soon as you wake, personally I like reading as it gives me time to get my head into gear but it’s not the best thing to do first if I want to remember as musch as possible from my dreams and OBEs. I have to admit sometimes I say to myself ‘oh I’ll write it down later’ but when I get round to it the major part of the experience has disappeared from my immediate memory, ‘if only I had written down a few key words’ I say to myself.

The reason for writing all dreams and OBEs is that there may  be a connection between them, this has been true for me many times and the only way I have been able to make that connection is because I had recorded the dreams and OBEs on paper and as I reread could see a pattern emerging.

Of course using a computer or tablet is even more useful as you can do word searches to find any common denominators. I talk about a particular appication called ‘Journey’ in one of my videos, it truly is an excellent tool.

It’s the habit thing which is important and will lead to consistancy, we are so good at acquiring bad habits sometimes good habits can take a little longer to acquire, I wonder why? I have the habit of going for a cappuccino every morning it was an easy habit to get into, waking up and writing down dreams and OBEs proved a little more difficult, often I just write keywords and write it all down over my coffee when I am more awake. It’s not ideal but depending on the length os experiences I sometimes need to dedicate more time than I have.

Waking up ten or fifteen minutes earlier is a solution, but whatever method you use, recording in some way our experiences is essential to understanding fully our OBEs, if you don’t remember a dream or OBE you can’t reflect on its content, discover meanings etc.

In conclusion my advice is to really make an effort to make writing your experiences a habit, if you do it for long enough it will naturally become a part of your morning routine.


Does Meditation Contribute to Astral Projection Success?

I love meditating, just allowing myself to let go for a while of the physical reality and expanding my consciousness into the beyond. Sometimes the human body seems so small to fit into, it feels like wearing a pair of tight jeans.

However, I admit I don’t always find time to meditate, there always seems to be something to do or the house is too noisy. Maybe one day when my kids have left home I’ll manage more regular meditation sessions. There have been times when I was disciplined enough to grab that 30 mins every morning for myself, it was when I started the journey inward, I was determined to get to the bottom of who I am.

I would listen to various meditation CDs and feel relaxed and refreshed at the end. At times I would have really wild sessions where instead of being totally relaxed it was as if I was in overdrive, my eyes would dance in my head as if they were break dancing, I would feel very hot, not like the traditional idea of meditation at all. I guess it was what is termed as raising my kundalini energy. Now when that happens I’m used to it. I can now choose which type of experience to go for, the more relaxed, letting go, or the more intense.

I don’t believe you have to meditate in order to have conscious out-of-body experiences but if you are learning I would definitely recommend it because it helps to focus your
mind on your goal. Meditation also gives your subconscious the message that you wish to go deeper into who you are. Going deeper into You will eventually take you out-of-body as OBEs are an inner journey. OBEs could be described as an ‘inner journey Home’ a reconnection to the bigger You. We are always Home but at times it just doesn’t feel like it, the feeling of separation and isolation is sometimes very strong, meditation can help reduce this sense of separation.

Of course you can still feel connected to the Divine without having conscious out-of-body experiences. We are all unique and connect in different ways. I, personally, love detaching from my physical body, I find it a great relief at times just being able to let go for a short time. I am also a bit of an adventurer and love the idea of travelling in the beyond while still incarnate on Earth.

Even though at some level we all know everything anyway I find it stimulating discovering things from this side of the equation from the point of view of a physical body.

So does meditation contribute towards successful out-of-body experiences? I would say yes. It is not necessary but there are benefits, both for astral projection and in our lives in general.


Rubbish Tip to OBE Tip

One of my greatest pleasures in life is writing up an OBE in the morning, this morning, however, I don’t remember any. I do think it is important not to feel frustrated if we try but don’t manage to have an out-of-body experience. Getting frustrated can have a negative effect.

Dreams can be profound too and give us much-needed messages and wisdom. I had a lot of dreams during the night, I love dreaming too, in fact it was my dreaming that got me on the road to astral projection. As I went deeper into my dreams, trying to understand them, so my mindset slowly changed.

One very important lucid dream I had during this period was where I was sitting inside my head with my guide, we were sitting on a rubbish tip. My guide was pointing out all the stuff I needed to throw out in order to clear some space in my head. Reminds me of a quote by William Buhlman:

“During out-of-body exploration we confront many interesting experiences; these include vibrational state fears, thought forms, self made and external energy creations, contact with non-physical inhabitants and countless other issues. However, the single most pervasive issue we experience is our own indoctrinated mindset and state of consciousness. Our perception of reality is distorted by a collection of falsehoods and beliefs and complicated even further by our grossly inaccurate form based self-image. Our ability to effectively explore thought responsive realities is often blocked by our own conscious and subconscious mind.”  William Buhlman

My lucid dream was telling me in a very clear way that if I wanted to progress I needed to unblock my mind. This is often the reason why our OBE attempts may not be successful. It is a continual process, even before we go to sleep we need to clear our minds of thoughts that may interfere with our intentions to OBE. All those thoughts we have running round in our heads, thoughts about the day passed, the next day, a film on tv  etc. can drive our dreaming mind crazy; we have to shut them down or at least put them on hold. The way I try to put it all on hold is to tell myself I can’t do anything about it all now while in bed trying to sleep. If I have a problem I may well get an answer in a dream but if my mind isn’t clear my dreams may turn out a jumbled mess.

As William Buhlman points out an effective OBE mindset is of utmost importance for successful conscious OBEs. I made a recording of William’s article if you would like to listen.




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